Places the vertical bars in any or all of the following distinct positions:

  1. In the center of the cell.

  2. Against 1, 2, 3 and 4 cell faces.

  3. In 1, 2, 3 or 4 cell corners.

Other Features of the Wall-Brac

  1. Ideal holding device for high lift grouting.

  2. Vertical steel can easily be threaded through positioner after wall is up.

  3. Allows positive concentration of steel at EXACT point of excess stress.

Cradle Positioners have been used since 1958

Accepted by U.B.C.- Federal General Services- State of California- O.A.C. and others!

Product Description

Wall-Brac is a positioner for vertical reinforcing steel in concrete or clay block masonry walls. It is made from No. 9 gauge (.1483”) Brite Basic, cold drawn wire meeting ASTM A82 & Federal General Services QQ-W-461g specifications. It is formed and electrically welded so that 4 legs extend downward into the cell and laterally into the cell corners for a secure fit. Two other cross wires lay in the horizontal mortar joint to suspend the assembly at the top of the cell. The positioner is used to divide the cell into the sections resembling a tic-tac-toe pattern. This allows the mason to place the vertical steel in any of nine distinct areas of the cell as specified by the engineer. No further wire tying is necessary. Ideally, for each vertical bar, one positioner will be sued at the first course to tie to the foundation dowel (s), and one will be used at eh next to top course for stability. Depending on the wall height, intermediate positioners will be needed, spaced according to code, as UBC is 192 diameters. Using this method, splices in the vertical steel can me minimized. Steel of the full length can easily be speared into the selection position after the wall is up. After inspection of the cell, grouting of the entire cell can take place.

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Note to specifier

Wall-Brac can usually be sprung into place to accommodate variations in cell dimensions of each manufacturer. Wall-Brac comes in standard sizes for 8” and 12” block. If other sizes are needed, please give us a call. If there is any deterioration of the positioner after the grout is set, it is of no consequence. The function of the Wall-Brac is to hold the steel in place during the grouting process only. Wall-Brac serves as the “caging device” referred to in most building codes. Wall-Brac is suitable for use in combination with Cradle Positioners. (Please make this a hyperlink).

Information on HI LIFT GROUTING can be obtained from the following source:

Masonry Institute of America
1315 Storm Pkwy
Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 257-9000