Manufacturer of Masonry Rebar Positioners and Master Distributor for Hohmann & Barnard, Wire Bond, Halfen and Heckmann Building Materials.

Do You Need Quality Rebar Positioners For Your Next Project?


WCR Fabricators – Manufacturer and Distributor of Rebar Positioners. We also are a major distributor for Seismic Anchoring Systems, Veneer Anchors, and other rebar positioners.   Do you need quality rebar positioners to get your masonry job done fast?  We are the largest distributor and manufacturer of rebar positioners in the USA.    We have the most competitive prices in the industry and  have been in business for 40 years.

Specializing in Rebar Positioners  & Masonry Products:

  • Reinforcing Steel (Rebar) Positioners
  • Major Distributor for Hohmann & Barnard
  • Wire Bond
  • Heckmann Building Products
  • Halfen Fleming Anchoring Systems


  • Fast Masonry Construction – No Need To Tie Wires
  • Save Time and Money on Masonry Jobs
  • Lay Blocks Faster
  • Eliminate Costly Mistakes
  • Save Money By Getting The Job Done Faster
  • Buy From The Rebar Positioner Leader – WCR Fabricators. 

WCR Fabricators has been in business for over 40 years and we are a second generation family owned business that believes in the motto that the customer is always right, no matter what we think.  This is how we have built a solid business that has earned the respect of masons all over the world.

We manufacture and distribute rebar positioners, masonry products and anchoring systems for the masonry industry.


WRC Fabricators is a manufacturer and distributor of Rebar Positioners and masonry products.  We have been suppliers for Masons for over 40 years.  We know exactly how to get the job done right.  We are also distributors for the top companies such as Hohmann and Barnard, Wire Bond, Heckmann Building products and Halfen Fleming Anchoring Systems.

Here are some of the masonry products that we specialize in:

  • H & B Channel-Tee System
  • Adjustable Anchors- Seismic Products
  • Triangular/Dovetail Ties-  All Sizes
  • Plastic Grout Stop-  All Sizes x 100’ Rolls
  • P.V.C.- Rubber Control Joint Material
  • Mushroom Rebar Caps
  • Closed Cell Neoprene Sponge
  • Foam Joint Filler- Flip To
  • Plastic Weepholes- Rectangular- Louvered, Cell Vents|
  • Ledger Templates
  • Ladder / Truss Wire
  • P.v.C Sheeting- 20 Mil, 30 Mil, 56 Mil
  • Copper Flashing- Copper Fabric- Coated Copper- Duplex
  • Firestone Flashgard 40 mil E.P.D.M. Flashing
  • Tamko- 40 Mil Thru Wall Flashing
  • Keystone Flashings
  • Mortar Break Products
  • Fleming System Slot & Anchors
  • 9 Gauge Galvn. Wire 10” Lengths
  • Neoprene Sponge Adhesive One Side
  • Stainless Steel Stone Anchors

When you need rebar positioners and other masonry products for your block laying project WCR Fabricators is the only call you need to make for all of your rebar positioner and masonry products needs.  Call us today for a free quote!


We are a company that offers rebar positioners to the masonry market throughout the United States and world.   We are the major distributor for the masonry industry for rebar positioners that save lots of time by not having to tie all the wires for rebar positioning.

We are major distributors for top companies that manufacture masonry products.  When it comes to rebar positioners and masonry products we are the experts.

  • In Business since 1976
  • Custom Products Engineered To Client Specs
  • Design and Engineering Experts
  • One Stop Shop For All Rebar Positioners
  • Dependable Products
  • Fast Turnaround Times
  • Lowest Prices Nationally
  • Major Distributor For Hohmann & Barnard
  • Major Distributor for Wire Bond Products
  • Major Distributor for Heckmann Building Products
  • Major Distributor for Halfen Flemming Anchoring Systems