Product Description

High Lift grout ties are used for holding two wythes of masonry together while the cavity area is being grouted.

HI LIFT GROUT TIES are manufactured from No. 9 gauge brite basic cold drawn steel wire meeting A.S.T.M. A-82 specification (80,000 PSI). the ties are sharply bent into a rectangle 4″ wide by 2″ less than the overall thickness of the wall. The inside radius of the bends measures 1/8″ minimum to 13/64″ maximum. The outside radius measures 9/32″ minimum to 3/8″ maximum.

The ends of the wire shall meet the mortar bed. NO other bends or kinks will be allowed. The spacing of the ties placed in the wall shall not exceed 12″ O.C. vertically and 24″ O.C. horizontally for the high lift grout system. The spacing of the ties for the 4 foot system shall not exceed 16″ O.C. vertically and 32″ O.C. horizontally.

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Note to specifier

Various dimensions are required to properly supply the correct positioner.  they are:

  1. Total overall width of the wall.
  2. Cavity width.
  3. Single or double curtain steel.

Proper slump of grout is important and should mentioned.  For further information on High Lift and 4 foot Lift Grout, contact:

Masonry Institute of America
1315 Storm Pkwy
Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 257-9000