Used in the bond beam course to:

  1. Tie and position single curtain steel intersections

  2. Tie and position double curtain steel intersections

  3. Satisfy building code “caging device” requirements for both horizontal and vertical steel

  4. Suspend the horizontal steel above the block corss-web for total grout encasement

Cradle Positioners have been used since 1961
Accepted by U.B.C.- Federal General Services- State of California- O.A.C. and others!

Product Description

Cradle Positioners are to be used to position and hold both horizontal and vertical reinforcing steel simultaneously at the bond beam coursing within concrete or clay block masonry walls.

Cradle Postioners are available in various styles, for use with single curtain steel (1V-1H), or double curtain steel (2V-2H), or mixed (1V-2H) (2V-1H) reinforcing steel configurations.

The positioner is manufactured from #9 gauge (.1483) diameter, 80,000 PSI, brite basic wire meeting ASTM A-82 specification for cold drawn wire and General Services specification QQ-W-461g, hard tempered wire, Finish 1.

It is formed and electrically welded so as to form a cradle which is suspended across the open cell from each face shell side of the masonry unit.

The cradle has dividers which hold and separate the various reinforcing bars. This design provides effective rebar placement, keeping the bars in proper horizontal and vertical alignment, while at the same time keeping them clear of the inside face shell and across web.

Cradle Positioners are designed and made for 8”, 10” and 12” wide units. Special sizes can be made for 14” and 16” wide units if required.

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Note to Specifier

  1. Cradle Positioners were designed primarily for high lift grouting systems.
  2. These postioners allow the mason to lay up the wall, installing only the horizontal steel.  Prior to grouting, the full length of the vertical bar can be speared through the positioner in the cell of the masonry unit.  This procedure results in less obstruction while the wall is being built up, eliminates costly lapping of splices of steel and the steel is kept cleaner form mortal droppings.
  3. The positioner works equally well with regular, open end, slump or 24” two-cell units.  It is designed to work only with deep cut bond beam units and therefore is used at the bond beam course only.  The positioner holds the horizontal bar 3/8” and ˝” above the cross web of the block, and below the above-mortar bed joint.  This allows for full flow and surround of grout for better imbeddment of the steel in the grout.
  4. Proper slump of grout is important and should be mentioned.  This information is available from the following sources:

Masonry Institute of America
1315 Storm Pkwy
Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 257-9000