Product Description

Masonry Veneer Anchor (Bric Brac) is a 14 or 16 gauge x 1’ cold drawn steel strap, bent into a single 90 degree angle and is zinc plate after fabrication to provide corrosion resistance.

One leg of the angle is 3” long, and has one curved tab. This leg lies in the horizontal mortar joint of the masonry veneer. The curved tab is the attaching device for the wire horizontal reinforcing.

The other leg is 2 1/8” long and is used to mount the Bric Brac to the vertical surface to be veneered. There are two 3/16” holes in this face, one being exactly in the crevice of the 90 degree bend. This facilitates on mounting screw being installed at a 45 degree angle and provides maximum holding power. Depending on the material of the existing wall, this hole cannot always be utilized.

Note to specifier

  1. Anchors (screws or nails) should be corrosion resistant.
  2. Minimum thickness of the horizontal mortar joint is to be 3/8”.
  3. Building codes may require a minimum of 1” area between the wall and the veneer for spot bedding, grout or air space.
  4. The wire horizontal reinforcing should be No. 9 gauge, ladder type, galvanized.